Every time I go away I like to bring something back to remind me of the trip.  Typically it’s something I don’t have room for in my apartment but will ONE DAY put to use!  On my last trip this summer, my boyfriend and I went up to his family cabin in Maine for a long weekend.  We had the cabin to ourselves and spent the days swimming, water skiing, canooing, hiking, feeding fish, playing Scrabble and eating icecream (#1 weakness).  It was so relaxing and a great way to end the summer.  On our way home (which ended up taking us 12 hours…) we decided to make a couple of pit stops to break up the trip.  The first, was an antique store which was inside a massive old barn.  They had such interesting stuff that you would only find in the-middle-of-nowhere Maine, so I decided to pick up these puppies:

Here is my inspiration behind the purchase…

(via Pinterest)

A buoy lamp…

Fun wall decor…

(via Pinterest)

They would look so great on the wall in this simple foyer!

Gorgeous colors!

(via Pinterest)

Can’t you picture them hanging off of the oar?

Having grown up on the ocean, I love the look of a beachy home.   I like the idea of mixing old with new and adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral backdrop.  Vintage buoys make the perfect nautical accessory and even better if there’s a story behind them!

Happy hump day everyone!  Got to love short weeks.

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