Rue baby!

Tonight my friend and I are going to the Rue Turns Two party in midtown!  For all of you unfamiliar with Rue – get familiar!  Rue is an online home decor and fashion magazine similar to Lonny (another fave of mine) which is published monthly and features gorgeous home ideas and fashion spreads.  This month Rue features “my girl” (as in, I love her but she doesn’t know it) Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific, one of my daily go-tos in the blogging world.  Rue highlights Blair’s impeccable style by playing around with two of her looks and featuring ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe and home.

The monthly publication is a sight for sore eyes and I am so excited to celebrate it’s 2nd birthday and meet other bloggers with similar interests.  Check out my instagram (southofmainst) tonight for photo updates from the event!


PS – I had the pleasure of meeting Blair of Atlantic-Pacific on the street in the West Village one afternoon and she is just as nice as she looks!  If you’re not already following her, I would highly recommend doing so!  She is super talented and you will fall in love with her.

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