Under the Weather

While the weather outside has been absolutely gorgeous, I have been completely under the weather.  One combo I could live without.  All I wanted to do this past weekend was to go for a run outside, picnic in the park in front of my apartment, go to dinner with my gal pals…. but nooooo,  instead I was trapped inside, gasping for breath.  After pretty much losing my mind on Sunday from lack of activity, I tried to buckle down and go to work yesterday morning simply for the purpose of getting out of the apartment.  When I got there, my body sang a different tune and so I went to the doctor after about an hour and found out… dun, dun, dunnn… that I have bronchitis.  AGAIN.  For the second time this year.  Not only was I frustrated because I felt awful and it was about the 5th time I have been sick this year, but also because my best friend is getting married this upcoming weekend and all I can think about is standing up on the altar trying to fight tears while blowing my nose and coughing.  YUCK.  Not the look I am going for… or the point of this post.  The real reason I am writing this is because I want to share with you a few things I learned from Dr. Sue yesterday, who prescribed me several things outside of an inhaler and antibiotic…

#1: Being in a stressful work environment can weaken your immune system her first question was, “What industry do you work in?”

#2: Being unhappy in your job can make you physically sick: unhappiness = chemical imbalance = weakened immune system.

#3: Take a multivitamin – while I have pretty much been opposed to taking a multivitamin because I was under the impression that “I get enough nutrients from the foods I eat”… apparently I am dead wrong.  Especially as women, we need the added vitamins for our health now and in the future.  Go get yourself a multi-vit, ladies!  I bought this Rainbow Light version, as it’s apparently easier to digest.

#4: Take Fish Oil – another one I have struggled with as I attempted about a year ago and then gave up after tasting fish for hours after taking it.  AWFUL!  But… BUT! After asking a kind lady in Whole Foods how to avoid this nuisance, she informed me by storing the fish oil pills in the freezer, people have found they do not run into this issue.  Tried it last night and it actually works – PROBLEM SOLVED!  Fish oil is good for your immune system, hair, nails, skin and more.  Try it!

#5: Eat a colorful diet with lots of fruits, veggies and legumes – I like to consider myself “healthy” but I definitely have gained a liking for burgers and beer on a regular basis lately (whether it’s the truth or not, I blame the bf)… and apparently it’s not helping the bod (in more ways than one I’m sure).  So today I went to Whole Foods and loaded up on veggies, hummus, soup, nuts, dried fruit, etc.  I am devoting myself to being healthIER!  It may sound obvious, but I think we can all add more “color” into our diets no matter how healthy we may think we are.

#6: Practice Yoga – you always hear that yoga is good for just about everything… and it turns out, it is!  Not only is it good for toning your bod, it’s great for relieving stress, strengthening your immune system, getting a better sleep, improving posture and the list goes on.  So I am looking into finding a studio near my apartment.  Do you have a yoga studio in NYC that you like?  I’d love some recommendations!

Self Magazine

(Oh J. Ann… you make everything look good.)

Basically, the moral of the story is – take care of yourself and find a job you love!  Life is too short!  Even though you may think you’re doing the right things, you never appreciate good health until you don’t have it!  And while I may not have anything serious (thank goodness), it put things into perspective and made me want to make a conscious effort to look out for myself and slow down.  I am someone who is always on the move and living in NYC doesn’t help me in that regard.  But moving forward, I am vowing to take better care of myself and you should too!  I also signed up for an interior design course at the end of October in an effort to explore my passions on the job front and find what makes me happy!  What are your health tricks?  How do you relieve  stress?   Do you love your job?  Would you ever take the risk of leaving your job to do something you enjoy or feel passionate about?  I’d love to hear!


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