Have a Ball in the Fall

This weekend is my first weekend in NYC since MAY!  Hard to believe that’s the case, but I am so excited I can barely stand it!  The thought of not having to pack a bag tomorrow puts such a smile on my face.  With this new appreciation for living in the city, I have decided to put together a fall bucket list.  New York has so much to offer and I always find my self saying “I want to do that one weekend!” which usually comes to fruition a year later… if at all.  Hopefully writing these out will motivate me (and you) to take advantage of the fall and all the glorious things there are to do in your own ‘hood!

#1. Bike to the Cloisters

On a beautiful Saturday morning, rent a bike (for around $35/day), pack a bag with some cheese, bread and wine, and take a ride up the Hudson River Parkway to the Cloisters.  It’s a scenic ride along the Hudson River which is about 11 miles starting from Pier 25 (see #8).  The Cloisters is a European medieval art museum, constructed from five French cloistered abbeys, which were then shipped to New York in the 1930s.  It is located on a park overlooking the river with gorgeous views of the city – perfect for a picnic.  Voilà!  A romantic, European afternoon right at your fingertips!

#2. Make this delicious fall soup for a Sunday night football game – recipe here

#3. Go wine tasting in Long Island (again)

My girlfriends and I did this last year and we had an absolute blast!  It was very affordable and we were able to organize a package like this with a car that took us to four different vineyards, sampling 5/6 varieties at each vineyard and they even provided lunch!  The wine wasn’t anything to write home about but hey!  It’s not Napa.

#4. Pick Apples

Growing up, we would always go apple picking in the fall.  It’s something I will always remember and definitely continue when I have a family of my own (crisp New England MacIntosh apple… nothing like it!).  There are plenty of options not too far from NYC, but Applewood Orchards has a great reputation (and they have a vineyard…and conveniently located 20 mins from Woodbury Commons Outlets… just sayin’).  Check it out!

#5. Go to this restaurant – SO fall-ish and cozy!

#6. Hike up Bear Mountain – Get your nature fix on!  About an hour drive from the city and public transportation accessible. (check out that foliage people!)

#7. Run a race in Central Park – so many options on any given weekend – just do it!

#8. Play mini golf on Pier 25 – I live so close… yet still have not done this.  Pier 25 not only has mini golf, but beach volleyball, a soccer field, kid’s playground and lounge chairs for the warmer months.  How much fun would it be to have a cocktail, play a little mini golf, then go to dinner or out for the night?  I’m in!

#9. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and see what the BK has to offer (still a foreign land to me).

#10. Go to the beach in a sweatshirt – one of my favorite things in the world!  (probably with a pumpkin spice latte in hand)

What’s on your fall bucket list?  I know I’m missing something!


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It’s Wedding Season!

Wedding season is upon us! Or at least wedding month in my life. This September I have weddings, engagement dinners and engagement parties galore!  It’s funny when you hit your mid-twenties and someone gets engaged, then the domino effect sets in and everyone around you suddenly has a ring on their finger.  I am just approaching the beginning of it and so far, I’ve had a blast!  Especially because with wedding season, comes wedding outfits!  This weekend, the bf and I are driving down to Baltimore for wedding #1.  I am not going to know one person, which sometimes makes for the best time (aka practicing your dance moves with no shame).

Here is what I’m wearing…

The Random Guest
1. Diane Von Furstenberg dress – old but similar here
3. Bandolino platform sandals – on sale here!
5. J. Crew earrings – old but similar here
How many of you will also be at a wedding tomorrow?  Happy weekend!


Every time I go away I like to bring something back to remind me of the trip.  Typically it’s something I don’t have room for in my apartment but will ONE DAY put to use!  On my last trip this summer, my boyfriend and I went up to his family cabin in Maine for a long weekend.  We had the cabin to ourselves and spent the days swimming, water skiing, canooing, hiking, feeding fish, playing Scrabble and eating icecream (#1 weakness).  It was so relaxing and a great way to end the summer.  On our way home (which ended up taking us 12 hours…) we decided to make a couple of pit stops to break up the trip.  The first, was an antique store which was inside a massive old barn.  They had such interesting stuff that you would only find in the-middle-of-nowhere Maine, so I decided to pick up these puppies:

Here is my inspiration behind the purchase…

(via Pinterest)

A buoy lamp…

Fun wall decor…

(via Pinterest)

They would look so great on the wall in this simple foyer!

Gorgeous colors!

(via Pinterest)

Can’t you picture them hanging off of the oar?

Having grown up on the ocean, I love the look of a beachy home.   I like the idea of mixing old with new and adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral backdrop.  Vintage buoys make the perfect nautical accessory and even better if there’s a story behind them!

Happy hump day everyone!  Got to love short weeks.

Rabbit, rabbit

I can’t believe it’s September 1st!  Where did the summer go?  I actually remembered to say “rabbit, rabbit” this morning…I think for the first time – ever.  You know what that means?  IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT MONTH PEOPLE!  Anyway, in honor of Labor Day weekend, I thought I would get nostalgic about summer and share a few photos to recap…


Ice cubes in the wine – I know, I know.


The Vineyard




Who knew NJ could be this beautiful?!

Picnics on the Hudson


Living in NYC, it is an unspoken rule that you have to get out every weekend in the summer to avoid losing your mind in the 100 degree, 100% humidity that is June – August.  As a result, summer tends to fly by quickly and by September, you gain a new appreciation for the city and all that it has to offer (Fall in NYC… ahhhh, heaven).   As sad as I am to see summer go, I am SO excited to see the leaves change in Central Park, Sunday football games, turkey chili, crisp air and fall fashion!  How do you feel about summer ending?  What excites you about the fall?