Wedding of the Year

How do I begin…

Hands down, the most amazing wedding I have ever and probably will ever experience.  I think I have just gotten myself (and my dad) in trouble as my idea of a “nice wedding” has now been jaded.  My weekend started with a morning run with the bride, followed by a lovely (and emotional) bridesmaid luncheon, which just set the scene for the entire weekend.  We sat in a glassed in porch in a quaint little inn off of the main street of town.  We ate petite fours and sipped tea with all of the excitement and anticipation for the wedding ahead!  I then met the bf in the town and we poked into a few stores before it was time for the rehearsal (and the rain).  What could’ve been a damper (no pun intended), ended up making the night, as we drank cocktails and ate hors d’oeuvres, the rain sprinkled on the large glassed in room, dimly lit with candles.  It was such a cozy and romantic feel, as was the entire weekend ahead.  Then, we proceeded to the main dining room, where we entered a buffet of lobsters, mussels, ribs, corn on the cob, clam chowder and apple cobbler.  The whole night was so warm and you could feel the love as people one after another got up and gave speeches (myself included – terrifying).  After several speeches, slide shows and a Power Point presentation (no joke), we were off to the local dive bar where all of our friends were waiting for us.

The next morning, it was right back up early to start the big day!   All of the ladies in the wedding party met at the bride’s family’s house for a morning of primping.  We were surprised with monogrammed robes and Kendra Scott earrings (which the bride designed for us), which we lounged around in all morning.  It was heaven!  We ate breakfast, chatted, got our hair done, chatted, had lunch, put makeup on, got dressed, took a few photos…and we were OFF!  My bestie has never looked so beautiful and happy, and she literally took everyone’s breath away when she walked down the stairs in her dress (ahh… that dress!).  Then before we knew it, we were trolleyed off to the church.  The ceremony felt so full and personal and was actually lead by the president of our alma mater!  I managed to keep it together emotionally which came as a surprise to all of us.  After the ceremony we headed to cocktail hour which included a plentiful raw bar which tasted better than ever!  A glass of wine and a shrimp cocktail later, we were off to the tented reception right on the water which was one of the most unbelievable productions I have ever seen.  Who knew that you could transform a tent into a romantic ballroom fantasy land?!  And we didn’t let the weather stop us!  The flowers, the people, the Temptations cover band, the speeches, the food, everything was above and beyond anything I could’ve imagined!  Once the band stopped, the festivities did not, but of course, there was an after-party back at the hotel with a DJ, late night food, a photo booth, a candy bar and another… open bar.  As you can imagine, we woke up Sunday ready for brunch with sore legs from dancing.  And it came as no surprise, that the brunch was again the most decadent brunch spread I have ever seen.   So as you can imagine, the wedding was an absolute blast and couldn’t have been more beautiful… here are some pictures so you can see for yourself!  Enjoy! (and sorry for the horrible iPhone photos…new camera is on my wish list)

Can you believe this?  I mean the dress?  The flower girl?  COME ON!  Sooo… now I am basically thinking I either need to elope or hire their wedding planner and hope I win the lottery.  It seems reasonable!  Right?

What was your favorite wedding like?  How do you picture your own big day?  I love how everyone’s weddings are so different and each have a personal feel (for the most part).  I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of her wedding day, but being a part of weddings like this has really got me thinking about what I would do for my own!

Hope your week is off to a good start!  Congrats to M&C and enjoy the honeymoon!!!!


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