Local Watering Hole

I’ve always wanted to have a “go-to neighborhood bar” but have never seemed to be able to commit.  Maybe I am too curious and always want to try something new or maybe I just haven’t found the right match yet…

Tonight my gal pals and I are going to explore the neighborhood and I am so excited!  Whenever I walk home from the subway or elsewhere and take a different route I always walk past places and think I need to come back here!  Yet time and time again, when I try to remember where those places were or what they were called, I go blank.  Either I am losing my mind or it’s a common problem amongst others living in the city.  Anyone?  Hopefully it’s the latter.

There’s something magical about having that local watering hole where you know the bartender by name and you can always rely on it for those winter nights when it’s too cold and snowy to leave the ‘hood.  Even though I have lived in my area for going on 3 years, I still tend to go to the West Village or some other area to explore and find new bars or restaurants, and I happen to love where I live!   Not to mention, there are endless possibilities in and around my apartment that have yet to be discovered!  So tonight, my gfs and I are vowing to change that!  We are starting at Terroir, a cute little wine bar tucked away on Harrison Street and going from there…wish us luck!

I can’t wait for a glass of vino, some candlelight, a sweater and my galpals!  I LOVE FALL!  Do you have a go-to bar in your area?  Do you love a dive bar or do you prefer a swankier scene?  I am dive bar gal all the way!  Stay tuned, tonight might be the night where I meet my match!


PS – a helpful bar guide from Time Out New York

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