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Last night was the first class of my interior design course!  Because I was semi-nervous (no idea why), I made sure to leave work nice and early so that I would be there in time to find my classroom, get situated, etc.  When I arrived 40 minutes early (something very uncommon in my life) I realized I may have over estimated the timing a bit, so I decided to walk around the neighborhood and pop into a few stores for some “back to school shopping”, naturally.  One store I went into was Roberta Freymann which had the CUTEST stuff.  Roberta Roller Rabbit tunics were everywhere this summer, but I had never been in the actual store and totally think it’s worth checking out for scarves, jewelry, tunics and sweaters this fall!  When I got back to the classroom, I had about 20 minutes to spare and so I sat and watched girls filtering in every few minutes, awkwardly taking a seat.  No one, I mean no one, was talking.  Everyone had their heads down on their iPhones probably pretending to be texting while perusing Facebook.  It was funny.  Even though there was not one girl under 25, everyone had the first day of school jitters.  It made me miss the excitement of school and going to class so much!  In the college years you just don’t appreciate it enough.

When the teacher began, he had everyone go around the room and say their names, what they were doing now and why they were taking the course.  It was SO interesting to hear the different jobs and reasoning behind taking the class.  The room was filled with everyone from a model-esque twenty-something working in fashion to a women in her fifties who had been working in human resources her whole life and finally decided to take a step towards her actual passion.  Seeing the older woman who waited this long, really put things into perspective for me.  There was a lawyer who spent all of her free time looking at interior design blogs (sounds familiar), an executive assistant to an unnamed celebrity chef and a woman who had just moved from Hong Kong with her family and wanted to learn how she should renovate her new apartment, which she planned to gut entirely.  I found comfort in the fact that I was not the only one with a finance background and no design experience.  In fact, the teacher himself admitted to starting his career as an accountant of all things!

The main purpose of class last night was to understand the average measurements for furniture, space requirements, ADA regulations, etc.  While it doesn’t sound that interesting, I had the BEST time and was fascinated to learn about everything from traffic flow to the ridiculous amount of money people spend on toilets like this.  $6,400 for a toilet?  Personally, there are a lot of other things I would prefer to spend money on (like a Roberta Freymann scarf).

We were also assigned our project which we will be working on for the next six weeks – designing a one bedroom apartment.  I am SO excited for this project, because, as I will post about soon, my roomie and I are moving into a one-bedroom (converted to two), in just a few weeks!   Art imitating life!  Kiddinggg (kind of).  Each person in our class of 12, will create their own one-bedroom based off of the same floor plan provided by our teacher (shown above).  On top of determining color and decor, we can use our creative freedom to place walls in different places and move rooms around, so no single apartment will be the same.  We can also chose the style of apartment, which is something I am struggling with!  Do I want to design a TriBeCa loft or a nice West Village one-bedroom I could never afford?  Decisions, decisions.  I am anxious to see what everyone’s first week of work looks like!  And I will definitely make sure to post about my progress in the coming weeks!

How is your Tuesday going?  Do you have a passion or interest you may consider taking a class on?  Coming from experience, it’s a liberating feeling!  Remember, there’s no time like the present :  )


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