Moving on up…

…to the 40th floor!  In a deluxe apartment, in the skyyyyy!

Yes, you heard right!  We’re moving!  Ever since our dear roomie got married, my other bestie and I have been on the hunt for a 2 bedroom apartment.  As we stressed for months about where we would go, how we would ever get as great of an apartment, not have to pay a broker fee, etc., we felt hopeless, because as anyone living in NYC knows, apartments come and go in the blink of an eye.  Thus, we had to wait until a month before our move out date to even start looking and miraculously after speaking to the leasing department in our beloved building, were told “we’ll take care of you, don’t worry”.  (I guess giving her wine and cookies a few years back paid off)  So, long story short, we ended up finding an apartment just 6 stories above where we live now!  No broker fees, no movers, no hassle!  Am I dreaming?  Well it turns out not EVERYTHING was perfect, and we are going to have to put up a fake wall (very common in NYC) to divide the living room and make it into a second bedroom.  While we had this in our last apartment, you wouldn’t have ever noticed because in those days we were allowed “pressurized” walls.  Now we are faced with the dilemma of not only an unpressurized wall, but the latest surprise, we can’t have a DOOR.  UGH.  SO, we have a little bit of an obstacle when deciding how to decorate the new casa.  On our list of projects? #1. Figuring out how to mask the wall or at least make it looks its best, #2.  Rearranging and disposing of furniture because of the downsize and #3. Revamping the living room.  To get some inspiration on how to beautify the unfortunate slab in the middle of our new apartment, I gathered some photos from Pinterest

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

One thought we had, was to put temporary wallpaper on the fake wall facing the living room.  Since we have fairly basic decor and plan to simplify it even more, I think incorporating a little “flava” could add a nice touch.  Here are some ideas for the wallpaper.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

What do you think?  Would you put up wallpaper on just one wall or do you think it’s too much?  There isn’t a lot of “fake wall” inspiration out there, so it will definitely take some imagination!  But I will make sure to fill you all in with photo updates of how it’s coming along, as well as the living room makeover.  We’re thinking of moving away from our current floral/French country look to a more boho chic – can’t wait to share our ideas with you all!

What’s on tap for the weekend?  I am going out to dinner to celebrate a friends engagement tonight at this amazing restaurant and then heading to the ‘burbs tomorrow with the BF for a weekend of R&R (and hopefully checking ‘beach in a sweatshirt’ off my fall bucket list)!

Happy Friday!


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