I’m Glossy!

Ladies and gentleman (but mostly ladies), I present you….The Glossybox.

If you’re like me and get irrationally excited when you receive mail (even when you know it’s coming) and have a love for surprises and new products, the Glossybox is calling-your-name!  To break it down for you, Glossybox is a monthly service which delivers a beautiful box of beauty samples to your door for a small fee of $21/month (or less if you sign up for longer subscriptions).   Here is how it works:

Step 1:  Join Glossybox HERE!

Step 2: Choose your subscription plan (can buy it monthly, for a few months or a year)

Step 3: Take survey to determine the right products for you.

Step 4: Receive package in mail within a month with 5 new goodies to try out!  (check out my first every Glossybox!)

This month I received an amazing lipstick/lip gloss/mirror compact which is perfect to keep in your bag for day-to-night, a 25% off coupon for Physique57 DVDs (if you haven’t tried this workout, it is a real a** whooping – I’m actually going to a class tonight!), a citrus loofah SOAP, soothing foot lotion (which I usually would never use but felt amazing when I gave it a test drive!), hair serum and almond scented shea butter lotion.  While none of these products are things I would typically buy on my own, I was very impressed by the total package and have enjoyed using almost everything included!  Also, if at any point you think you are not receiving products that fit your needs, you can edit your profile on Glossybox and see if the next month’s samples make more sense for you!

I had heard of a few different services like this, but after doing some research (and seeing that The Man Repeller is a subscriber), I figured Glossybox was the best option.  The packaging is adorable and the size and quality of the brands are unmatched by their competitors.  My mom tells me I should always have something to look forward to and this is an easy and inexpensive solution!  You should give it a try!

Happy Wednesday!  I don’t know about you all, but this week has flown by for me!  Love that!


A Day in the Life: Emilie

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for………

Juuust kidding.  But like I promised, today I am introducing a weekly feature called “A Day in the Life” which I will publish every Monday going forward.  The feature will illustrate a typical day in the life of a select person.  This person may be another blogger, a close friend, the President – who knows!  The main purpose is to get a glimpse into another’s life and hopefully, you will be unexpectedly entertained (and perhaps inspired).

The idea spurred from a conversation with friends on the differences in people’s daily routines – all the way from what you eat for breakfast down to how you get into bed at night (you’d be surprised how many ways people climb into the sack).  I have always found it interesting to learn about other people, which is probably why I love documentaries and the articles in US Weekly on a celeb’s daily regimen (dare I admit it).  While it’s a fairly simple concept, people’s differences are interesting.  So, with that said, here I give you my first ever “A Day in the Life” post.


(pronounced Emily)

Background: my childhood friend of 25 years
Age: 27
Current City:  New York, NY
Hometown:  South Shore of MA
Job:  Finance
Nickname: “EmSull”
Beauty secret:  5-6 bottles of water daily
Favorite food:  anything salty, but mostly chips with hummus and pizza
Ideal date: drinking beer and eating bar food at a local pub then going home to watch a movie (think: Taken) – get in line fellas!
 (Wearing: AG Jeans, Anthropologie vest, Frye boots, Ann Taylor sweater, Michele watch, Ray Ban sunglasses)



6:45am – get up and shower

6:55am – splash face with cold water (a morning de-puffer!), brush teeth, get back into bed and check work emails on phone

7:05am – get up, towel dry hair, apply Ole Henriksen serum, Lancome pearl eye cream and Origins tinted moisturizer (on my recommendation!)

7:10am – blow dry & flat iron hair

7:25am – apply makeup (here’s what’s in Em’s makeup bag: Sarra cover up, NARS bronzer in Laguna, Dior shimmer powder in amber diamond, NARS black eye liner, Dior Show mascara, Chanel rouge allure extrait de gloss shade #51)

7:35am – get dressed, grab snack for afternoon (typically: string cheese or cottage cheese)

7:40am – out the door to walk to the subway

8:00am – arrive at work, get a bottle of water and a bowl of cereal from kitchen (Special K, Life or Honey Bunches of Oats), check email

9:00am – get a coffee from the kitchen (Green Mountain hazelnut, black), more work (whatever that entails)

10:30am – handful of almonds or unsalted peanuts (which are kept at her desk)

12:00pm – grab a half-sandwich from Pret-A-Manger: chicken and bacon or chicken mozzarella baguette (because she has a fast metabolism, Emilie prefers to eat several small meals throughout the day – girlfriend, it’s working!)

12:30pm – eat lunch, back to work, consume 3-4 bottles of water

3:00pm – grab a small snack: cottage cheese, string cheese or 100-calorie pack of pretzels

5:00/5:30pm – subway home

5:45pm – arrive home, change into gym clothes and toast a half a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin with crunchy peanut butter

6:00pm – go to SoulCycle or the gym: use weight machines (leg press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, seated rows) and because Emilie doesn’t like to run, she alternates 2 minutes of walking/3 minutes of running on treadmill for 30 mins

7:00pm – arrive home, hop in the shower

7:30pm – pour a glass of wine (Cabernet in the winter, chardonnay in the summer) and make dinner; dinner typically consists of whole wheat pasta and grilled asparagus (grill asparagus in EVOO until almost brown, once pasta is done, throw the asparagus in the pot and add a little more EVOO, a spoonful of goat cheese and a spoonful of pesto and mix until melted)

8:00pm – hang with the roomies, watch tv (Friends, Modern Family or Nashville) [sidenote #1: EmSull is the biggest Friends fanatic you will ever meet]

9:30pm – have 2 pieces of dark chocolate and clean up kitchen

10:00pm – brush teeth and wash face with Aveeno or Neutrogena microbead cleanser (exfoliate twice a week with Clarins exfoliator), apply Ole Henriksen serum, and Nuskin eye cream

10:15/10:30pm – climb into bed (I wonder how she does it?), check email and apply L’occitane hand cream [sidenote #2: she has the softest hands I’ve ever felt (creepy?), I may have to pick up some of this stuff]

So what did you think?  Even having known Em for 25 years, I find this so interesting!  I love the fact that she has a glass of wine every night to unwind -girl after my own heart.  I’m more of a three square meals a day kind of gal, but I’m thinking maybe I should look into the small meals throughout the day thing.  I have heard it’s a good way to jumpstart your metabolism.  How do your days compare?  Do you tend to be a creature of habit or do you try to mix it up?

Hope you all had nice weekends and a great start to the week!



It’s Friday!  WOHOO!  The above photo (surprisingly from Yelp) is of the Jackie Onassis Reservoir in New York’s Central Park.  The reservoir is a bit of a hidden gem, because it is high up in the park (starting around 86th street) past the great lawn and other popular areas, so many people have never seen it.  It is so beautiful and serene when you run through the trees and come to this large open body of water.  Because the water is like glass, you can always see a reflection of the surrounding trees and buildings which makes for a very picturesque vista.  I ran around the reservoir this morning and the sunrise over the buildings and lighting over the pond literally took my breath away!  It was one of those moments where I thought about how much I love living here.

Ok, now on to the real purpose of this post…

My bf always manages to find the most ridiculous things on the internet.  So with a little help from him I put together a few pick-me-ups for your Friday…

Don’t be “that girl”

A face only a mother could love

High class problems

New T-Swift song – can’t get enough of this one

This is wild

Sweaty Saturday

A cheap laugh

A cheap laugh if you live in NYC

This kid!

For anyone who is single and ready to mingle

Gets me every time…

Would you dress your dog up for Halloween?

Humans of New York

I hate to admit how true this is

I’m headed to BEANTOWN this weekend with my galpals!  Can’t wait for long dinners, red wine and loony good conversation.  What are you all up to for this gorgeous fall weekend?!


PS – I have a new weekly feature that I am starting and I can’t wait to share it with you all on Monday!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Quarter life crisis, the terrible twenties, whatever you may call it.  For anyone who graduated college after 2004, you know what I’m talking about.  As defined by Urban Dictionary the “Terrible Twenties” are:

Age 22 – 29. The period by which the safety net of school and parents are no more (or coming to an end) and the world is thrust upon you, forcing you to grow up. It’s the period of individual growth and learning of the world–away from the shelter of parents. It includes feelings of angst, frustration, depression and forced evaluation of self. It is followed by the intrinsic need to have one’s own family.
Friend #1 (Age 23): “I can’t get a break in life!”
Friend #2 (Age 33): “You have to crawl before you walk…you’re in the terrible twenties.”

Even as a victim of the “terrible twenties”,  I still laugh out loud reading these testaments.   I have had more articles, lists and tumblrs sent to me about this horrendous crisis that no one warns you about, than I can count.  Not only do the articles ring true, but they bring comfort to those of us experiencing these moments of weakness – we are not in it alone!

For me, growing up I had always thought about “What will I look like when I’m in my twenties?   What will I be doing?  Where will I live?”.  I thought the twenties were going to be a walk in the park, a piece of cake, the peak of my existence… which unfortunately is just not the case (sorry under 21 year olds…).  Regardless of the fact that you likely have no one to take care of besides yourself, it’s far more complicated than that.

In this so-called phase, not only have I developed a new-found “habit” (better known as self-inflicted anxiety), where I think about every possible thing in my life and how everything’s going to work out one way or another, I have also started to actually THINK about my career.  And by THINK I mean, I have realized that I have a life to live and (God willing) a future family to take care of and this isn’t all fun and games.   Enter quarter life crisis:  Recently, I have heard the little voice in my head saying, “I’m going to become a [career of choice at that moment] and will figure out the details later”.  Take me back 5+ years ago (when I wasn’t in the TT’s), I never would have thought such a thing!  But now? Now that I am panicking about where my life is headed and how I am going to find a job that I love while also being successful, having a bunch of kids, a happy marriage, (a summer house in Nantucket – fingers crossed), and a healthy life?   Oh that sounds easy!  I will throw-all-inhibitions-out-the-window and dive into a career I have zero experience in!  And then it leads me back to the internal debate of my next career move – do I stick with what I know or take the risk of trying something different?

Furthermore, as I go through this tumultuous time, I have also taken comfort in reading about other women’s (mostly 30 somethings) career paths and how they got there.  Most of the time, they started their careers by doing something totally irrelevant to what they’re doing now and passionate about.  One site I find particularly interesting and inspiring is The Everygirl.  In the features section they have a “Career” link which basically brings you to a page of women with really cool jobs and interviews them on how they got there.  Most recently, I read an article on the two Design Directors for Nate Berkus (ya know, Oprah’s interior design guy). One of the questions the site always asks is:  “What advice would you give your 23-year old self?” and in this interview one of the girls answered “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  This is something my mom has always told me and something that’s not always easy to swallow in the moment.  But as simple as it is, I think it’s something we need to remember going through the TTs (think big picture peops!).  I also think we need to realize that we are YOUNG and there’s no time like the present to try something new and take a risk, because this is our time to be selfish and have no regrets!  After reading the articles and talking to my friends, I have a hunch I am not the only one my age going through these internal conflicts, and I encourage all of you twenty-somethings to take a deep breath with me and repeat “it’s all going to be ok”.

Now, in reality, I’m going to look back on these years and only remember the good times and likely make fun of myself for even writing this post.  But for now, I am living it and I can’t wait to get out!  The twenty somethings, particularly mid-twenties, are a bit confusing if you think about it.   We are not old, but we are also not young either, and there is no excuse to be irresponsible anymore (ahem, losing cellphones on a monthly basis).  We have jobs where we’re taken seriously and we have bills to pay, yet we don’t think of ourselves as real “adults” yet.  People are either getting engaged, having babies, breaking up, getting married or traveling.  There is no roadmap for where we’re going and the only thing you can do is figure out what YOU want and find happiness and confidence in yourself.  For me, I’m caught up on the career choice dilemma first and foremost and so I signed up for an interior design course which I am beyond excited about!  Take matters into your own hands.  Everything will work out if you stay positive and work hard.  As challenging as it may be, we can’t worry about it in the meantime.  Whether it’s your career, your relationship, your apartment, whatever!  Make a small change towards something that makes you happier and I think you’ll be glad you did!

Happy Thursday!  Can’t believe it’s almost the weekend!  Yippee!


PS – a few more funny articles on twenty-somethings: 1, 2, 3, 4

Za Za Zara!

NEWS FLASH:  Zara, one of my fave clothing stores, is now entering into the HOME market!

Is this a match made in heaven or what?  I first discovered Zara when I was studying abroad in Italy and it hadn’t come to the states yet.  My friends and I thought we had struck gold when we stepped into the higher quality and higher fashion version of our good friend H&M.   And I think Zara has only gotten better with age, as I have had some pretty amazing finds in the past year (if I do say so myself).  Sooo to think that they now have stuff to beautify the bod AND the apartment, is just beyond exciting!  Check out the goods people!

These colors!

Glam dish towels, wouldn’t you say?

I’m developing a new appreciation for the skull trend… never thought I’d see the day.

Lucite side tables?  They’ve thought of everything!

Love this shabby chic bath mat!

How perfect would this be on a bureau with some flowers, a candle and perfume?!

I have to say… it is much more understated than I would’ve imagined… and I-like-what-I’m-seeing.  And if you weren’t already sold, wait until you see the prices!  What do you guys think?  Would you buy Zara home goods?

2 days down & 3 to go!  WE CAN DO IT!


Have a leisurely weekend…

Happy Friday everyone!

I woke up with a smile on this morning simply for the fact that it is Friday.  All week I have been dreaming about what I wanted to do this weekend and here’s the list I came up with (can you tell I love lists?):

1. Go for a run in Central Park

This is one of my favorite fall activities.  In the summer the park get’s so hot and crowded, but in the fall it is a much better scene, with crisp clean air and foliage that you unfortunately don’t get in many other places in the city.  Although I don’t live close to the park, my bf does and therefore I make a point to hit it up any weekend I’m up there.

2. Drink iced coffee and read the paper…outside.


Most likely the style and travel section, but it’s still the PAPER.  And there’s nothing like having your morning coffee al fresco.

3. Rent a bike and ride up to the Cloisters (remember the fall bucket list??)

National Geographic

Yes, I am finally doing it (and yes, I will look this cool riding my bike)!  We’re thinking Saturday afternoon so cross your fingers for nice weather!

4. Go to Eataly and make an Italian dinner


I studied abroad in Florence when I was in college and my bestie from home and I still make one of the meals we would also prepare for dinner when we lived there.  The meal consists of:  butternut squash ravioli with walnut sauce (Eataly is the only place you can find the sauce),  fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a french baguette… and obviously some red vino.  AMAZING!

5. Watch Homeland (lots of it)

The bf and I just started getting into Homeland and we are beyond obsessed!  Anyone else?  We’re only on season one though so we have a lot to catch up on…

6. Make my mom’s chicken pot pie for Sunday football…the best chicken pot pie ever (recipe below).

Martha Stewart

I have such a weakness for chicken pot pie (CPP for us regulars)


– 1 package of frozen pie crusts (ok so it’s not totally homemade, but trust me it’s delish)

– 1 can cream of chicken soup

– 1 cup frozen peas

– 1 cup slices carrots (cooked)

– 1 cup diced potatoes (boiled)

– 1/2 can chicken broth

– 2 chicken breasts with bones

Line a pie sheet with one of the thawed pie crusts.  Cut chicken in half and saute in a frying pan with olive oil and cover.  Add chicken broth and simmer for 20 minutes.  Remove the chicken off the bone and cut into small pieces.  Place the chicken meat, liquid from the frying pan, veggies and cream of chicken soup in a pot and heat thoroughly adding spices and a dash of milk for thickness (can also add chicken bouillon cubes for added flavor).  Pour mixture into pie sheet and cover with second pie crust, pressing the outer edges to mend both crusts.  Bake at 325 – 350 degrees for 30 – 45 minutes (depending on your oven), until golden brown.

7. Watch the Sunday Morning Show in my PJs

For anyone unfamiliar with this show, take note – it’s the best.  The style is very old school and it takes a little bit of getting used to…but you will learn to LOVE it.  Great, simple, feel-good story lines for an easy Sunday morning.

And that is all!  Soooo basically all I want to do is cook, eat and watch TV.  GOOD!  But sometimes you must have weekends devoted to r&r!  What are you all up to?


Local Watering Hole

I’ve always wanted to have a “go-to neighborhood bar” but have never seemed to be able to commit.  Maybe I am too curious and always want to try something new or maybe I just haven’t found the right match yet…

Tonight my gal pals and I are going to explore the neighborhood and I am so excited!  Whenever I walk home from the subway or elsewhere and take a different route I always walk past places and think I need to come back here!  Yet time and time again, when I try to remember where those places were or what they were called, I go blank.  Either I am losing my mind or it’s a common problem amongst others living in the city.  Anyone?  Hopefully it’s the latter.

There’s something magical about having that local watering hole where you know the bartender by name and you can always rely on it for those winter nights when it’s too cold and snowy to leave the ‘hood.  Even though I have lived in my area for going on 3 years, I still tend to go to the West Village or some other area to explore and find new bars or restaurants, and I happen to love where I live!   Not to mention, there are endless possibilities in and around my apartment that have yet to be discovered!  So tonight, my gfs and I are vowing to change that!  We are starting at Terroir, a cute little wine bar tucked away on Harrison Street and going from there…wish us luck!

I can’t wait for a glass of vino, some candlelight, a sweater and my galpals!  I LOVE FALL!  Do you have a go-to bar in your area?  Do you love a dive bar or do you prefer a swankier scene?  I am dive bar gal all the way!  Stay tuned, tonight might be the night where I meet my match!


PS – a helpful bar guide from Time Out New York