A Day in the Life: Dan


Background: Dan is a good friend of mine since we were introduced by mutual friends in college and later re-introduced by my boyfriend, who is one of Dan’s college besties.  (a.k.a. we were destined to be friends)
Age: 26
Current City:  West Village, NYC
Job:  Real Estate associate, comedian and aspiring actor (and musician!)
Ideal date: “Quiet drinks then comedy show or LIVE music.”
Favorite NYC spots: Back Fence (Dan performs here from time to time on Sundays – you should go check him out!)
Idol: Robin Williams
10 years from now: “Wave of anxiety as I read that question…”
Wedding song:We just cant get enough by New Radicals, deal breaker if wife disagrees.” – Listen up ladies! (PS – he made this question up himself, THAT’S how important it is to him)
Fave food: “Dos Toros salad plate with pork, extra sour cream please…”
Fun fact: Dan is a YouTube sensation… check him out here & here!


7:45am – Alarm goes off

8:45am – Actually get out of bed (after multiple snoozes); shower and listen to ESPN’s Mike and Mike or “I’m blastin’ tunes to wake up” on shower radio

9:30am – Get to work

9:45am – Grab the New York Times and eat breakfast at restaurant at the bottom of office building (3 eggs on whole wheat toast, salt, pepper, ketchup and “keep the coffee refills coming…”)

10:30am – Get back to desk and “catch up on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, interviewing Tim Heidecker” (I don’t know who any of these people are… oh the difference between males and females…)

11:45am – “Call sister for support after 3rd week of gaining at weekly weigh in, WeightWatchers meeting on 48th and 6th

1:15pm – Get lunch at Chop’t with co-workers, “I’m a slave to the seasonal suggestions of the month”

2:15pm – Put together call lists and review meeting schedule “while blasting Martin Sexton channel on Pandora”

4:30pm – “Call CFO’s of companies, receptionists don’t let me through.  Daydream about quitting.”

6:30pm – “Dinner at an empty Dig Inn” (Beef, veggies and a water)  – Anyone want to invite Dan over for dinner?

7:30pm – Perform in improv show at Triple Crown Pub

9:00pm – Recap and drinks

11:00pm – Wind down to late night TV

12:30pm – Bedtime

Thanks Dan!  So funny to read a day in the life of a guy versus the fine young ladies we have read about thus far!  It shows how much simpler guys routines are compared to ours.  Can you imagine ladies?!  Just not having to put on makeup every morning in itself would be amazing.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  This spring-like weather is something I could get used to!


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