The Skinny on The Skimm

Have you guys heard of The Skimm yet?  If so, feel free to move on to your next blog, and if not, read on…

theSkimm Logo

The Skimm is basically the skinny on all most of the top headlines for the day, with all wordiness extracted.  Read: a quick and easy to read one page newspaper (targeted towards people like me).  The Skimm is sent out daily around 6:00am, giving you enough time to download and pull up on your iPhone before your morning commute.  It’s free to sign up and doesn’t require anything besides an email address.  Each newsletter is broken down into about 10 topics for the day, with titles like:

What to say about football…

What to say while working…

What people are horrified by…

What to say on a date…

Let’s be honest ladies…these are important topics.  While many people read the morning paper over their cup of coffee and are able to extract the headlines themselves, I am not one of them.  I am the busy body of all busy bodies and have the tendency to try to fit way too much in to too little time, hence, never make time to read the paper.  The idea behind The Skimm is genius because with all of the distractions we have (Facebook, Twitter, INSTAGRAM – I have a problem) it helps our generation to stay up to date on current events without taking too much time out of our busy days (Gchatting…).

It’s worth checking out if you have any interest in what’s going on in the world outside of Facebook.


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