Dainty Duds

Anyone who knows me is aware, I love me some costume jewelry.  Chunky necklaces and big bold earrings are always a go-to and anything with COLOR typically draws me in like a kid to a candy store.  But lately, I have been absolutely LOVING the layering trend: long dainty necklaces, mixed with short barely there necklaces and earrings that can (and have) slip through the cracks (or holes).  I have friends who have always rocked this style and I have always admired their ability to keep it simple (something I clearly struggle with).  A few simple gold necklaces are not only feminine but also sexy, in a nonchalant/not trying kind of way.  While you can find some fakey pieces at your local street corner vendor or costume jewelry store, buying real gold or silver can be the better investment for those timeless pieces you want to live in (think, no tarnishing or having the daily clasp battle – you know what I’m talking about).  Here are some of the best options I ran into during my hunt for the perfect dainty dud to get my new style off to the right start…

3811 9113 3946 9596



Ginette_NY necklace

Ginette_NY earrings

Ginette_NY bracelet

Ginette_NY earrings

Ginette_NY necklace

Ah-mazing!  I want them all.  What do you all think?  Would you try the layering look?  I think the key is to do 2-3 at differing lengths with a similar chain.  It’s so fun to experiment and I am now dreaming about the Vale “Carrie necklace” (How can we forget the Petrovsky sparkler).

Have a great start to the week!



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