Party People

This weekend Bry and I had our first big housewarming party. Given we are in the holiday season, we kept it festive and went with a fondue and Christmas sweater theme.  It was a major hit and hilarious to see people’s get ups as they walked into our apartment.  Bry has always had a vision of having a fondue party (His family has a unique affinity to fondue… which I don’t hate.) and it was great to see it in action.  Three fondue pots, 2 buckets of hotty toddies and a keg later… well I would say it was a success.  Here are some highlights from the night (apologies for the terrible photos)!

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We served chips, guacamole and salsa, red and green M&Ms, homemade chocolate chip cookies and of course, fondue with baguette pieces, apples and pepperoni for dipping.  For drinks we made a bucket of hot toddy which was cider and whiskey (something Bry is becoming infamous for…) and a keg of PBR (keepin’ is classy).  Everyone was so generous and brought bottle upon bottle of wine, which we didn’t really get around to drinking… probably for the better.  One friend even brought homemade egg nog, which I don’t think I have ever had and wow, is it good!  I must say, much better than that bottled nonsense!

As the soiree concluded and people started dispersing, the rest of us (only the strong survive!) headed to a local karaoke bar which ended the evening on quite an entertaining note.  I have videos to prove it (sorry guys)…

We couldn’t have asked for a better night or group of people to break bread, eat fondue, drink cider, celebrate a BFFs birthday, admire our Christmas tree, get chatty and embrace our new home with!  Hope everyone is having a merry holiday season and I would highly recommend the fondue party idea!  There’s nothing like cheese and good friends!



Art Envy: John Meyer

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  And an even better leftover Turkey sandy day(s)…

My family and I went down to the Cape to visit my aunt, uncle and two cousins and the newest member of the clan, baby Demi.

photo 2

Are you in love yet?  Obsessed with her!

My cousins, Kerry and Justin, had a very unique upbringing as they were born in Johannesburg, South Africa and resided in Kenya, until they were five and seven years old, when their family relocated back to New England.  One of the many perks (apart from their Kenyan accents) that their family brought back from Africa, was their art collection from John Meyer, one of South Africa’s most renowned artists.  John is a personal friend of my aunt and uncle from living in Kenya and they have even come to the Big Apple to see his exhibits.  One of the most memorable pieces from my childhood is the amazing, almost life-size family portrait that he painted for them below, at their home in Kenya.  You know when certain, typically random, things will bring you right back to childhood? This portrait transports me to the living room in their old house in Massachusetts and to this day has a somewhat regal aura about it.

carven fam

Just look at the detail!  And those sweet little shoes…


And two more beauties…

meyer 2 meyer 3Aren’t they amazing?  My iPhone certainly doesn’t do these paintings justice, but you can imagine what they’re like in real life!

Bry and I certainly won’t be buying any John Meyer‘s soon but it does get the wheels turning on the future of our blank walls…

Heading back to the big city soon!  Wish Thanksgiving would never end!



PS – Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!  Love you.

Costume Gala Gals

On Sunday night, extremely exhausted from the eventful weekend (Did I mention I love guacamole and margaritas?), I dragged my ars off Bry’s couch to go for a little stroll on the Upper East Side (a.k.a. Antarctica) while Bry was busy playing b-ball with the boyz (had to).  As I decided first avenue wasn’t doing it for me, I continued to venture on westward where I feel more “at home”.  As I approached the park I realized, Hey, why not take a walk towards the Met for old-time sake?  As I got closer I saw trucks and what looked like a huge construction site; somewhat disappointed I trudged on until I started seeing trucks that read, “Red Carpet Company” and things of that nature.  Putting two and two together I realized they were setting up the COSTUME GALA (!!!!) and let me tell you… it was a serious New York moment.  The streets were so quiet and peaceful as I watched the grand entrance being constructed with people placing roses one by one into the walls and people running around like madmen trying to make this thing all come together.  One of my favorite fashion events every year, there are always A LOT of surprises to look forward to and A-listers to last a lifetime.  Now it would’ve been a little bit cooler to have been there last night, but it still feels a little more exciting this year, having seen the set up right in front of my (bleary) eyes!  Here are my takeaways:

The Good…

Met Gala -  Lauren Bush and David Lauren

Not so punk but Lauren Bush always looks au naturale and amazingMet Gala - Allison Williams

Don’t even love the dress but Allison Williams looks amazing.Met Gala - Blake

Oh Blake, do you ever look bad?Met Gala - Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne pulls off punk well.  SO gorgeous!  I wish I could rock those eyebrows.Met Gala - Emma Watson

I have such a girl crush on Emma Watson.  She can do no wrong.Met Gala - Giselle

I mean, come on.  Is she up to 3 kids now?  Annoying.Met Gala - Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looking beautiful per ush.Met Gala - Jessica

Jessica Alba looking gorgeous in her mesh dress.  No one, I mean no one else would look good in this.Met Gala - Kate Bos

Love Kate Bos’s little number.  Would totally wear this – punk or not (and if I dropped about 50 lbs).Met Gala - Miranda

Speaking of dropping 50 lbs.. yikes.  I think Miranda should try eating while chasing around her little chubby son (who I am so in love with – look at those cheeks!).  But of course, she still looks beautiful.  Met Gala - Nina Dobrev

Love how Nina plays up the punk theme with her pant/dress and poufed hair.  Killin’ it!Met Gala - Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara wears white!  How ironic.Met Gala - Rosie Huntington

LOVED Rosie Huntington’s look with the olive green and winged bodice.  Her clean hair and makeup makes for an interesting contrast with the edgy dress.Met Gala - Sienna MillerSienna Miller makes anything look cool.  Can I raid your closet please?!

The Bad…

Met Gala - January Jones

Guess who?  The unrecognizable January Jones.  January, you confuse me beyond belief.Met Gala - Katie

A swing and a miss by Katie Holmes… Met Gala - Kim

No, no, no, no, no.  (Please notice the gloves to match the dress… what?)Met Gala - MK Olsen

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  (my initial reaction to seeing MK)  WTF is going on here?  Just terrible.Met Gala - SJPI used to think SJP could pull anything off… until now.  It brings me back to that horrid bird on her veil in Sex and the City (the movie).  Let’s not go overboard now SJ.  (Note: Would’ve loved just the dress.)

The Ugly…

Met Gala - Anne

How do I begin? Met Gala - Ashley

Ashley Greene who is a usual stunner must have been sick of the spotlight because she is hiding in the dress.  Way too much fabric = extremely unflattering.  I hope it’s just the camera angle. Met Gala - Elle Fanning

Just wrong in so many ways.  The first things that come to mind are: hippie, Pocahontas, Hook. Met Gala - Ginnifer

“A” for effort but I could seriously do without the black-eyeshadow-to-the-brow look.  Yuck.Met Gala - MileyBeyond words.  Has she gone off the deep end with the rest of them?

Alrighty that’s enough criticisms for one day.

Have a wonderful Tuesday (sigh) and let’s get through this one together!


(Pics from People & Huffington Post)

Blizzard Bash Ideas

Aaaaaannnnnndddd we’re back people!  I apologize for the hiatus, as I mentioned, I was in a bit of a transitional period, as I just wrapped up my last job and got a new job!  Hooray!  But because I virtually had no time in between, my last week was a bit chaotic so I didn’t have much time to post… I hope you all didn’t lose too much sleep over it!  Also, after thinking about how I can better manage the blog, I have decided to keep A Day in the Life to a monthly post, to make sure I am keeping the quality up to par and be realistic with myself, when trying to manage a full time job and a blog (my second full time job).

Anywho, how about this storm huh?!  I don’t know about you all but winter snow storms are my absolute fave!  It creates a sense of coziness and serenity and gives everyone an excuse to sloooowww dowwnnn…even in the big crazy city of New York.  It also makes for a great excuse to host a house party [read: apartment party].  Here are some fun ideas to host a blizzard bash in lieu of trekking to a bar…

Fondue Party


I’m thinking turtlenecks, red wine, 70s music and lottsss of laughs.  One of my favorite memories is snow shoeing up the Sun Valley ski mountain with Bry and eating fondue with an ice cold beer and rosy cheeks at the Round House.  There’s nothing better in the winter!  Let’s bring the fondue party back!

Ugly Sweater Party


The ugly sweater party. It’s been done time and time again yet never gets old.  Show up with an ugly sweater and take lots of pictures.  If you would like to make an ugly sweater investment, check out this site.  Hilarious.

80s Ski Party


Neon… so hot right now.  This one would be easy to conjure up even when half of the stores might be snowed in.  Neon spandex?  Check.  Heavy knit headband?  Uhuh.  Extremely boxy obnoxious jacket?  Heck yeah.

Turtleneck Party


You can get creative with this one people.  Mock turtlenecks, sweaters, classic stripes, you name it.  Everyone looks funny in a turtleneck.  Doesn’t stop me from wearing them on the reg.

Ski Snob Party


Think Lloyd’s boots in Dumb and Dumber.  There’s nothing like a good snob on the slopes.  Most of the time they can’t ski, but damn do they look good!  Get your [faux] fur and your metallic puffers out party peops.  And make sure to complain about at least one thing.

Don’t forget: plenty of hotty toddies, drinking games and quality playlists.  Have fun and stay warm!


(pic 1,2, 3, 4, 5)

Wedding of the Year

How do I begin…

Hands down, the most amazing wedding I have ever and probably will ever experience.  I think I have just gotten myself (and my dad) in trouble as my idea of a “nice wedding” has now been jaded.  My weekend started with a morning run with the bride, followed by a lovely (and emotional) bridesmaid luncheon, which just set the scene for the entire weekend.  We sat in a glassed in porch in a quaint little inn off of the main street of town.  We ate petite fours and sipped tea with all of the excitement and anticipation for the wedding ahead!  I then met the bf in the town and we poked into a few stores before it was time for the rehearsal (and the rain).  What could’ve been a damper (no pun intended), ended up making the night, as we drank cocktails and ate hors d’oeuvres, the rain sprinkled on the large glassed in room, dimly lit with candles.  It was such a cozy and romantic feel, as was the entire weekend ahead.  Then, we proceeded to the main dining room, where we entered a buffet of lobsters, mussels, ribs, corn on the cob, clam chowder and apple cobbler.  The whole night was so warm and you could feel the love as people one after another got up and gave speeches (myself included – terrifying).  After several speeches, slide shows and a Power Point presentation (no joke), we were off to the local dive bar where all of our friends were waiting for us.

The next morning, it was right back up early to start the big day!   All of the ladies in the wedding party met at the bride’s family’s house for a morning of primping.  We were surprised with monogrammed robes and Kendra Scott earrings (which the bride designed for us), which we lounged around in all morning.  It was heaven!  We ate breakfast, chatted, got our hair done, chatted, had lunch, put makeup on, got dressed, took a few photos…and we were OFF!  My bestie has never looked so beautiful and happy, and she literally took everyone’s breath away when she walked down the stairs in her dress (ahh… that dress!).  Then before we knew it, we were trolleyed off to the church.  The ceremony felt so full and personal and was actually lead by the president of our alma mater!  I managed to keep it together emotionally which came as a surprise to all of us.  After the ceremony we headed to cocktail hour which included a plentiful raw bar which tasted better than ever!  A glass of wine and a shrimp cocktail later, we were off to the tented reception right on the water which was one of the most unbelievable productions I have ever seen.  Who knew that you could transform a tent into a romantic ballroom fantasy land?!  And we didn’t let the weather stop us!  The flowers, the people, the Temptations cover band, the speeches, the food, everything was above and beyond anything I could’ve imagined!  Once the band stopped, the festivities did not, but of course, there was an after-party back at the hotel with a DJ, late night food, a photo booth, a candy bar and another… open bar.  As you can imagine, we woke up Sunday ready for brunch with sore legs from dancing.  And it came as no surprise, that the brunch was again the most decadent brunch spread I have ever seen.   So as you can imagine, the wedding was an absolute blast and couldn’t have been more beautiful… here are some pictures so you can see for yourself!  Enjoy! (and sorry for the horrible iPhone photos…new camera is on my wish list)

Can you believe this?  I mean the dress?  The flower girl?  COME ON!  Sooo… now I am basically thinking I either need to elope or hire their wedding planner and hope I win the lottery.  It seems reasonable!  Right?

What was your favorite wedding like?  How do you picture your own big day?  I love how everyone’s weddings are so different and each have a personal feel (for the most part).  I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of her wedding day, but being a part of weddings like this has really got me thinking about what I would do for my own!

Hope your week is off to a good start!  Congrats to M&C and enjoy the honeymoon!!!!


Spiked cupcakes anyone?

On Saturday one of my best friends celebrated her 27th birthday by having a good old-fashioned apartment house party!  One particular friend is known for her famous “margarita cupcakes” (and initiating the limbo) and the concept is truly as amazing as it sounds.  When I say margarita cupcakes, I mean the cupcakes taste like margaritas and are followed by a graceful shot of tequila.  So you can imagine how the limbo turns out later…

Anyway, here is the recipe and a picture so you can get the idea… I am telling you, it’s GENIUS!


(serves 30 mini cupcakes)


1 bottle of tequila

30 shot glasses

5 limes sliced into sixths


1/2 cup unsalted butter (room temperature)

2/3 cups sugar

3 eggs (room temperature)

1 1/2 cups flour

1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

Zest of two limes

Beat the butter until pale, then add the sugar. Add one egg at a time, blend until all incorporated. Then add in flour baking powder and salt, followed by the margarita mix. Then add the zest. Fill lined mini cupcake pan with batter 2/3 full.  Bake at 350 for 18 minutes. Makes 30 mini cupcakes. 


1/2 cup butter (room temperature)

1/2 cup shortening

4-5 cups powdered sugar

2 T. Tequila (Use margarita mix to substitute the Tequila and lime juice if you prefer or want an alcohol free version )

1T. fresh lime juice

Beat butter and shortening until smooth, then add powdered sugar along with tequila and lime juice or margarita mix. Once you’ve frosted the cupcakes sprinkle on with coarse salt.  (props)

[SHORTCUT VERSION:  Make a boxed version of cupcakes and substitute margarita mix for water & squeeze a lime into vanilla frosting.]

Either way, they’re delish!

Speaking of tequila…if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my old age (kidding, kidding) it’s that once the thrill of being able to legally drink surpasses, you really go back to your high school roots and appreciate the luxury of a shindig in the comfort of your own home.  On one of my favorite blogs A Cup of Jo, I read about a hilarious party theme that legitimately had me laughing out loud at my desk.  The writer, Joanna Goddard, and her husband host an annual “Staring Contest Party” at their apartment.  While it sounds a little off kilter, I think after viewing the photos below, you will agree it is a ridiculous and hilarious idea (that you may need to try for yourself).

See?!? HILARIOUS!  I’m laughing again!  Great, now it’s only Tuesday and I’m thinking about the weekend….sigh.

What’s your favorite party theme?  What out of the ordinary rendezvous have you attended or heard of?