Happy hump day!

Hello lovahs!  Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have a lot of balls in the air (which I will fill you in on soon) so will be taking this week off from the blog.  If you have a few minutes, watch this video!

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It really makes you think and stop to smell the roses!



PS – How cute is the little girl in the video?  Love her!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Just a little cold weather inspiration here for you on this frigid Friday!

Cold Outside

I thought I was a tough Massachusetts girl who could handle this type of weather, but apparently not!  When it’s this chilly out, the only way to make the best of it is to mix up a nice hotty toddy, throw on a cute sweaterwarm boots, cashmere socks (no I don’t own these…yet) and cuddle up by a fire.  And pretend you’re in the French Alps and it’s après ski.  Which makes me think… fondue.  So make fondue too!  That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend,  pretending I’m in the French Alps and eating fondue.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody and STAY WARM!  Can it just snow already?


(PS – corduroys, jacket, mittens, cashmere wrap, hat)

Chivalry is not dead!

After coming across this article, written by the husband of one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, it got me thinking, Is chivalry really dead?   After evaluating my own relationship and interviewing four amazing 20 something women, I’ve come to the conclusion that NO! Chivalry is not dead!  At least not yet…

When my boyfriend, Bryan, and I first met, we briefly chatted in a bar and sort of “hit it off” (as they say).  As I was leaving, he asked me for my number politely (vs. creepily – there is a difference) and I thought, Wow, I think this might be a first!  We then parted ways, and shortly after I received a TEXT (ok, so some of the article is 100% accurate), seeing if I wanted to get dinner that week.  So while the overall concept was somewhat traditional (face to face interaction!), the act (texting) was exactly the untraditional “norm” that we’re now used to, being part of the so-called “hook-up generation”.  Gone are the days of walking up to someone and asking them out or picking up the phone and calling.  No, that would take way too much courage and texting is “more like dropping a line in the water and hoping for a nibble”, without the potential humiliation of face to face rejection, as the article states.  Now don’t get the wrong idea here, I did not think Bry was a coward for asking me out via text message, I actually thought the way everything played out was charming and “old-school” in a way.  Which is exactly the point the article is getting at – times-are-a-changing!  As time went on though, I realized regardless of the text message “courtship”, Bry was in fact very traditional in other ways: he surprises me with flowers, he holds my hand when we cross the street, he always opens the door for me and takes the outside of the sidewalk (just in case)…and he actually does call me 9 times out of 10.  So while the days of love letters and courting periods, may be behind us, the new generation are more of a hybrid-gentleman breed.  Sure you can find both extremes (beware of the latter), but as you can see from my own experience and the four women interviewed below…the hybrids ain’t half bad!

Girl  #1 – 26 years old, Publishing, NYC

Do you feel as though you were courted? OR were YOU the courter? (feel free to explain)

I’d say it was mutual.

Give an example of how your man is chivalrous?

It’s in the little things: he’s continuously polite. He pays for my booze (most times). He gives me rides on his back when it’s late at night and I’m tired of walking in high heels.

How did your significant other first ask you out?

He got my number from our mutual friend. But then he didn’t call for a week! So I finally mentioned to my friend that he hadn’t called yet and when word got back to him, he claimed he thought the agreement was that I was going to call him…then he called. And I did a little dance.

What “old-fashioned” ways do you wish were still the norm? (i.e. love letters, etc.)

Instead of seeing more physical gestures, like writing love letters, tending to a woman’s needs like hanging up her coat or pulling out her chair (which are all nice and wonderful), I’d like to see more chivalry infused in men’s attitudes towards women (more courtesy, patience, selflessness, etc.) You hear more and more stories about young men on college campuses taking advantage of women, exploiting their sexuality and treating them like it’s all just a big joke and it’s disturbing.

Do you typically prefer a call or a text from your man?

Phone call.

Do you believe chivalry is dead?

I don’t! But I’m an optimist. I think it’s definitely not as prevalent as it was when our generation’s parents were young adults. And technology is certainly partially to blame, as is the shifting dynamic between men and women. When I hear about dates my parents went on, they sound quite different from what my contemporaries are experiencing. And when I hear my grandmother talk about how my grandfather “courted” her—by making visits to her house and enduring what sounds like tough formalities with her father—it makes me laugh. But it’s also very sweet. What I love about the concept of chivalry is that it’s romantic and by nature prompted by kindness and good manners. But I also think in some examples it can be patronizing, outdated, or sexist. Chivalry should really be gender neutral if you think about it, right? But there’s certainly nothing wrong with a man opening a door for you, that’s for sure.

Girl  #2 – 27 years old, Technical Sales Specialist, NYC

Do you feel as though you were courted? OR were YOU the courter? (feel free to explain)

I was definitely courted, he put in all of the effort and organized
all the plans originally.

Give an example of how your man is chivalrous?

He is a Southern gentleman. Opens doors, makes dinner reservations, random
flowers, gets angry if I try to “split the check” (sometimes I get
breakfast though), always checks in to make sure I’m okay, takes care
of my sister and friends, offers his jacket, always introduces me.

How did your significant other first ask you out?

At a mutual friends holiday party.  He walked across the dance floor,
introduced himself and asked me to dinner. I said no initially but
eventually caved.

What “old-fashioned” ways do you wish were still the norm? (i.e. love letters, etc.)

Formal dates/dances

Do you typically prefer a call or a text from your man?

Text (I’m not a phone person and am typically running around all day),
texts act as a nice reminder he’s thinking of me

Do you believe chivalry is dead?

In my case, no.  But for the majority of New York, yes.

Girl  #3– 27 years old, Education, NYC

Do you feel as though you were courted? OR were YOU the courter? (feel free to explain)

We started off as friends, so instead of “courting” it was more that we just started to realize that we wanted to be around each other a lot. We became really good friends and then realized there was something more there.

Give an example of how your man is chivalrous?

I am a really restless sleeper, so I think its chivalrous that he is usually trying to help me fall asleep rather than asking me to be quiet when I say for the 3rd time… “I swear I just have one more thing to say, then I will go to sleep”.

How did your significant other first ask you out?

Again, we started as friends and began dating in college so instead of “asking me out”, our first one-on-one hangouts were studying for Spanish class together.

What “old-fashioned” ways do you wish were still the norm? (i.e. love letters, etc.)

Can’t really think of any on the spot.

Do you typically prefer a call or a text from your man?

We still check in via phone call just to say hi and hear about each other’s day, but I think a short text once and a while throughout the day is always good.

Do you believe chivalry is dead?

I don’t think chivalry is dead, but since the article you are responding to is connecting it to social media, I do think that social media websites are becoming a bit too much. Do I need to be updated on a couple’s every kiss together?

Girl  #4– 26 years old, Healthcare, Boston

Do you feel as though you were courted? OR were YOU the courter? (feel free to explain)

This is difficult to answer because we were very close friends before dating, but I would say the attraction and courtship was mutual (virtually the same pull from both directions).

Give an example of how your man is chivalrous?

I’ve had a boyfriend for the majority of the past 10 years. I would say all of them were kind, helpful, doting, etc; however, my current boyfriend best defines the term chivalrous. He is generous, courteous, protective, respectful and loyal.  It can actually be a bit old fashion at times.

Some specific ways in which he treats me as a lady include opening doors, dropping me at the entrance of apartment/restaurants, carrying my bags (not purses – that drives me nuts and is unattractive). I also still receive notes on the counter or random emails. Most importantly, he treats my friends with the same respect and courtesy. I think the way your significant other treats your friends and family is the best sign of their true nature.  My mom always told me to pay particularly close attention to how they treat their own mother ….and if they return the shopping cart at the super market J

How did your significant other first ask you out?

It was almost 5.5 years ago and I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember. As mentioned previously, we were very close friends first and our relationship evolved naturally with very little effort. I do recall our first really nice date though because going out to an expensive dinner was uncommon in college. I actually remember everything we ordered.

What “old-fashioned” ways do you wish were still the norm? (i.e. love letters, etc.)

Maybe staying at home as a homemaker and cooking elaborate dinners every night? Just kidding- that has nothing to do with chivalry and I would be crawling up the kitchen walls. I am actually very pleased with my current situation. I think there is a good balance of “old fashioned” and modern ways. I wouldn’t change anything. With that said, my boyfriend is a bit of an old soul and probably would have thrived in the sock hop/poodle skirt era.

Do you typically prefer a call or a text from your man?

It totally depends on the situation. I prefer a call when I want to catch up, make plans, get to the point, etc. A spontaneous text is preferred on certain occasions as a reminder they are thinking about me.

Do you believe chivalry is dead?

I think that chivalry has been redefined. The term originated in the Middle Ages, so naturally it must evolve over time. The NYT opinion piece touches on some very important points- namely the economic status, the role of social media and a shift in women’s perception of themselves.

While the economy plays a strong role, fancy or expensive courtships aren’t necessary. I think women appreciate any thoughtful and well planned date- even if that means a home cooked, candlelight dinner with a hand-written menu. I have always volunteered to share the dinner bill or reciprocate past expenses. I don’t think it’s fair for one person to bear the financial burden.

Also, the time it takes people to establish their careers and gain financial comfort has lengthened. I think this results in men settling down later in life. I definitely see this with my boyfriend’s friends. I also see girls to be on the prowl more as a result, looking for immediate serious relationship and often pushing the guys away during the process.

I definitely agree that technology and social media leaves less to be uncovered. There is an automatic porthole into someone’s past – maybe something that should be left untouched until it’s time to discuss the topic (i.e. physical appearances, exes). Texting is at the center of the problem. When I was single, I definitely would text more than necessary with guys. This constant stream of communication lessens the desire to see the person sooner because you already know everything they’re doing that week. People also feel like they can say things through texts that would never have been said otherwise. Booze mixed with texting can definitely lead to quicker demise of a potential relationship. The flame is put out before it can actually grow.

Lastly and most importantly, women’s perception of themselves has changed over the years. We now view ourselves as independent, hard workers who are capable of conquering anything. This has put both genders on a more even playing field. I appreciate my independence and take pride in my ability to change car oil, use power tools or lead an all-male business meeting. There are times when I find myself throwing fits because my boyfriend is trying to treat me like a lady. I know his intentions are benign, but perhaps I second guess how my dependence will portray my capabilities as a woman. I reflect on these moments and think- was it really necessary to lock myself in the car until he agreed to let me carry the groceries form our parking spot???

In summary, the times have changed and expectations need to change with it. This does not mean that morals need to change. Everyone should treat each other with kindness, respect and courtesy. Let’s all do our society a favor and instill these characteristics in our children.

I love to hear how each relationship and viewpoint differs.  It has actually opened my eyes in many ways from interviewing these ladies.  We all have different ideals and images of “how it’s supposed to be”, which is what makes every relationship unique.  With that said, while everyone’s “courting” experiences varied, we were still able to identify acts of chivalry, no matter modern or old-school.  Personally, I love a little old-fashioned in my man, but I also accept the fact that things are not the same as they used to be.  Even after talking to some of my single girlfriends, their preference to “grab a drink” when they’re first meeting someone rather than go on a dinner date, just shows another shift in modern dating culture.  (I can’t imagine the number of awkward dinner conversations had back in the day…)

But the bottom line here is: Ladies, don’t settle or let this article bring you down!  There are still true MEN out there who won’t text you at 11pm on a Saturday seeing “What’s good?”

Happy Thursday! And a big THANK YOU to all of you ladies who participated!  :  )



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A Day in the Life: Mary Kate

Mary Kate


Current City: Manhasset, New York
Job: Pediatric Nurse, “Currently not working while waiting for baby Miller to arrive, hopefully I will go back in the fall but we will see!”
Fave Food: Pizza “Especially pregnant, apparently I have been eating too much of it because when I went to pay over the phone at Pottery Barn for the babies glider I said “I’d like to pay with my pizza!” I meant Visa…MORTIFYING!  I was always more of a salt over sugar girl but this pregnancy I am definitely more of a sugar girl.  I NEED to have something sweet after I eat, I hope that craving stops after the baby arrives I always loved that I didn’t like dessert now I can’t live without it!”
Favorite TV Show: Homeland, Dateline and 48 Hour Mystery, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Housewives and Modern Family
Drink of Choice: “When I am pregnant I like Seltzer with a splash of cranberry or a non alcoholic beer if I am out so I feel like I am drinking- I also just love the taste of beer!  Not pregnant I enjoy Diet Coke with a lemon! Mojito or Red wine!! CANNOT wait for a few Mojitos this summer – watch out!!!!!”
Ideal Date: Dinner and a movie, “Ryan’s (MK’s hubby) not a huge movie goer so we like to get take out and rent a movie on TV too!”
Favorite NYC Spots: “Columbus Circle where we got married, especially around Christmas I love the shops they set up – this year we went for our anniversary (12/17) and we got hot chocolate and shopped around it was perfect!  There are hundreds of favs though – the entire city is cool!  I lived there for 5 years out of college, sometimes I miss it, but I am definitely more a suburbs gal!  I mostly just miss my girlfriends being so close.  We go to visit quite a bit and that’s perfect for me!”
Favorite Department Store: Bloomies!
Favorite Scent: Kiehl’s Musk – the spray and the oil!
Favorite breakfast food: eggs or a bagel with cream cheese “bagels give me massive heartburn pregnant though…along with EVERYTHING else!”
Current Nail Polish: Topless and Barefoot “I do not recommend…makes my nails look dirty like the ink on my jeans has rubbed off on them or something!”



8:00am – Wake up…

8:00am-8:25am – “Get out of bed, sometimes it takes a while with this big ol’ belly!”; Products: “I am a product freak!! I love creams, I take after my Mom!  Guinot is my favorite brand.  I love the face wash it’s smells good and makes your skin so smooth- I follow it with Guinot toner and then Guinot bioxygene moisturizer – simply fantastic!”  CeraVe moisturizer for my body (“they make an am/pm cream for the face too”), Vaseline aloe fresh moisturizing body gel,  Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, NARS tinted moisturizer, Pantene Pro-V “for shampoo and conditioner but I change it up every time”, Dove body wash “right now but again I change my body wash up every time I go to the store too – much more fun that way new bottles and new scents they all seem to do the same for my hair and skin”, Venus razors

8:30am-9:30am – Go downstairs, “Ryan will usually make me breakfast unless I make cereal, I am going to miss that when he deploys :( We discuss what task is on the agenda for the day.  We are currently dealing with heat issues.  We are getting a whole new system Feb 7th they have to tear up the ceiling in the basement that we just redid!”

9:30am-10:30am – “I used to go to SoulCycle every Tuesday/Thursday at this time but at 36 weeks I had to stop – SoulCycle ROCKS but the ab work out part was getting too difficult with my bump – I’m proud I made it so far…so I try to walk or do something physical during this time – Wednesday/Friday I go to my trainer at this point I just go to get my blood flowing and see if I can squat this baby out!  I tried to keep in shape this pregnancy – they say it’s good for the baby, it makes labor easier and it helps you take the weight off quicker after you give birth- we shall see!”

11:00am-12:00pm – “Shower after my workout or run errands for whatever it is we are doing for the day.  Lately it has just been organizing the house (who knew how long this would take?), getting our paperwork squared away, washing the baby clothes, setting up baby things and trying to get our life squared away before Ryan leaves and we have our sweet baby!  We have furniture delivered almost everyday, it’s so fun and exciting.  Since we just moved and unpacked (mostly) we move things around ALL the time still – it’s like a game figuring out where everything should go!”

12:30pm – Lunch “It’s so nice to have Ryan home to share this time before he deploys we have really been able to enjoy each others company before the baby arrives!”

1:00pm-6:30pm – Finish up work for the day and run errands, “My Mom and I are always out buying something for the house while Ryan is home doing the handyman work! Sometimes I sneak in a nap – not as often as I should be at this point – there is just so much I can be doing!  Being pregnant is funny it’s the kind of tired that you physically CANNOT keep your eyes open even if you try, at least not me!”

7:00pm – “Plan on what to do for dinner!  I feel bad I haven’t cooked in the new house yet.  I’m getting used to Ryan cooking for me…going to be a hard habit to break!”

8:00pm –  Watch TV with Ryan; check bills and e-mails and do the dishes or laundry

9:30pm/10:00pm – Bed; “I take my prenatal vitamins, I bring up two bottles of water for my bedside – I am so thirsty at night! I use my Guinot products or Neutrogena towelettes (if it’s a lazy night) and brush my teeth!  I usually do not fall asleep until 11 or 12 baby Miller just sits on my bladder so I am up almost every hour at night, not as easy to sleep anymore – turning from side to side is a project! ”

Thanks Mary Kate!  Again, so many new products I haven’t heard of!   It is such an exciting time and so amazing to hear about all of the prep that goes into having a baby.  MK is one of an incredible family of 5 kids with more extended family than I can keep track of!  Baby Miller will be loved by so many and we can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or a girl!  In fact, MK has agreed to do another day in the life post-baby!  It will be so fun to compare schedules pre and post baby!



Birthday Weekend!

This weekend I am turning 27!  (EEK!) My birthday typically falls on MLK weekend but I don’t think I have ever actually taken advantage of the long weekend until NOW!  I’m heading to Jupiter, Florida for the weekend with my bf and a few of our friends and I couldn’t.be.more.excited!  It is my first time to the West Palm Beach scene which is very exciting!  Here is what we have on the agenda…

Guanabanas anyone?

Square Grouper (not sure about the black cat…)

Square Grouper

Lots of Beach time…

Whooping the bf’s *** in Tennis

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnddd here’s what I packed (if you care enough to continue…)

Florida 1

Florida - 2

Florida - 3

In case you haven’t gotten enough of this yet… I will be reading

While we’re at it (just to touch on all senses here) I plan to eat a lot of chicken salad sandwiches and fish tacos and drink Arnold Palmers and frozen margaritas with salt.  In terms of my music selection I am thinking along the lines of this & that…oh and one more.

And there you have it folks!

Have a wonderful long weekend!



PS – Used my Clarisonic this morning which my generous amazing girlfriends gave me for my birthday last night (a la pic above) and I am OBSESSED!  Thanks ladies!!!

(top pics 1, 2, 3, 4)

A Day in the Life: Molly


Current City: Manhattan, Upper West Side
Job: Associate, Corporate Services Real Estate Group at Goldman Sachs
Fave Food: “I pretty much like all types of food except for Pork Chops (strange I know). My ultimate favorite is probably mexican food (2 beef burritos, rice & refried beans with a small side of queso and lots of chips and guacamole. Frozen margarita with salt.”
Favorite TV Show: “The Bachelor. My favorite season was probably “On the Wings of Love” with Jake because he kept keeping things interesting by picking Vienna. It is the worst but best TV out there! OH and HOMELAND OBVI.”
Drink of Choice: “Iced Coffee with Skim and 3 Splenda’s. Any flavored Seltzer. Recently I’ve been having a glass of milk with dinner and its been a nice little change.”
Ideal Date: “Going to Francisco’s on 68th and Columbus to grab pizza, in sweatpants of course, and then going to see a movie.  We just saw Lincoln, Argo and Silver Linings Playbook and loved all of them!”
Favorite NYC Spots: St. Patrick’s Cathedral (“where we got engaged!”); “And pretty much everywhere in NYC except for Penn Station, Herald Square and Times Square.” – COULDN’T AGREE MORE MOL!
Favorite Subway: 2 Train
Favorite Department Store: Saks
Favorite Scent: Bobbi’s Party by Bobbi Brown
Favorite Breakfast Food: Blueberry Pancakes with Sausage Links
Current Nail Polish: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

A Day in Molly’s Life:

5:15am-5:35am – Wake Up; “I put my cell phone alarm on loud and it has to be across the room from me to make sure I actually get out of bed to turn it off. Get my gym clothes on. Brush my teeth quick and have some multivitamins – Vitafusion Multivites Gummy Vitamins and allergy pills because I get sinus infections at the drop of a hat.”

5:40am-6:30am – “Go down to the gym in my building and start to wake up by turning the speed up on the treadmill.”

6:30am-7:00am – “Shower and get dressed as quickly as I can. I have to lay out my clothes the night before so it speeds up the process a little bit. I usually wear a suit or a dress everyday. Not many ways to make a suit look “cute” and could never quite figure out how the J. Crew models made it look so fashionable in the catalogues.”

Products: “I love any and all product and I usually have a lot of things in my rotation but my most recent obsession is my Clarisonic that I got for Christmas – I have never had such clear and smooth skin. I usually do it once or twice a day depending on if I have charged it the night before but its my favorite and I would recommend it to everyone!  In the shower I use Biolage shampoo and conditioner but I like to buy small bottles because I like switching up the brand.  In my opinion the best body wash is Aveeno body wash in “calming lavender”.  Neutrogena naturals fresh cleaning and make up remover (in the morning) and Trish McEvoy face wash (at night).  Also swear by Ole Henriksen “Ultimate Eye Lift Eye Gel Roll on“, Ole Henriksen, “Truth Serum” and Origins “A Perfect World“. I switch up my body cream daily, but some of my favorites are: Laura Mercier in “Fresh Fig“, Clarins “Moisture Rich Body Lotion“.

7:05am –  “Head out the door to grab the 1 Train to the 2 Train and then either the PATH to Exchange Place or the Ferry from World Financial Center to Paula’s Hook. I’ve been taking the ferry lately because its been such a nice way to start the day on a boat. Usually grab an iced coffee at a place along the way and maybe a veggie drink if I really need to wake up.”

8:00am – “Sit down at my desk – we don’t have assigned seats at work so I try to switch it up and pick a new seat every day.”

8:00am-8:25am – “I eat breakfast at my desk – usually a yogurt from home and I check emails.”

8:30am-9:30am – Internal Meeting

9:30am-10:30am – Check emails

11:00am-12:00pm – “Jump back on the ferry to Manhattan for a meeting at one of our properties to discuss marketing and PR opportunities.”

12:30pm – “Head back to Jersey City and pick a new seat again…”

12:45pm-1:00pm – “Go down to the cafeteria and grab a salad and go back up and eat at my desk.”

1:00pm-6:30/7:00pm – “Respond to emails and usually have a couple smaller internal meetings or conference calls.”

7:00pm – “Head home and pick up something for dinner along the way.”

8:00pm – “Get home eat, watch NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams”

9:30pm/10:00pm – HIT THE HAY; “Before bed I usually put on Ole Henriksen “Truth Serum” I also like Lancome “Genefique” serum and before bed and in the winter months twice a week I will put on Origins “Drink Up Intensive“, L’Occitane hand cream “Mango flower“, Carmax lip balm, and Ole Henriksen “Ultimate Eye Lift“.  In Sephora I typically gravitate to any product that says “lift, tighten or smooth”.” – AMEN SISTER!

Thanks Mol!  Now I realize why we are such good friends… product obsessed and Mexican food lovers.  Even after living with you for so many years, I still find this interesting!  I love your tendency to mix things up.  After all, change leads to happiness!  (Has anyone seen the Happy Movie? So good!)  Even things as little as mixing up moisturizer is something worth trying!  Do it peops!  Also, I must say, for all of you thinking What?! She’s up at 5:30am everyday to workout? Mol is one of the most disciplined people I have ever known and is definitely a great example for the rest of us!  As Ben Franklin puts it, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a [wo]man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  I need to start repeating that one in the morning as I hit snooze

How was everyone’s weekends?!  This is my last week as a 26 year old and I can’t really believe it!


PS – Mol is my bestie from the famous Wedding of the Year

Bottoms up!

Ok, quickie post here but just had to [humble] brag about one of the Christmas presents my boyfriend gave me this year!  So remember that fun little beer making adventure a couple of months ago?  Well, check out the finished product!

That’s right ladies and gents – SOUTH OF MAIN STREET BEER!  Can you believe such a thing?  The gift being the beer bottle labels (of course), were made from the amazing site Pinhole Press.  They have tons of great ideas for photo cards, calendars, etc. and make fantastic gifts!  The site is very user-friendly and all you do is upload the image and voilà!  They will show you a sample of how the label/card/calendar will look and you have a personable, easy present from the click of a mouse (and some dolla dolla bills).

In case you’re wondering (I know most of you have probably been losing sleep over this), the beer we made came out great!  It has been so much fun drinking something we made from scratch and it actually does take like real-live-IPA!   If you’re in the NYC area, I would highly suggest checking out Bitter & Esters in Brooklyn as a gift idea or random outing with friends.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!